Experience Design, Projection Mapping, Installation

How can you represent the multitude of layers expressed in music?

ONE TRACK EXPERIENCE is a visual installation representing the unreleased music track "Breakaway" by Theo Adler. The installation was produced in collaboration with the West-London artist to represent his vision for the song which he describes as "wanting to experience the feeling of departure".


The installation tries to capture these feelings visually; the loneliness, angst and disorientation experienced in the city. The song was a rough draft at the start of the collaboration; it developed alongside the visual experience, influencing the songwriting and instrumentals of the track.


Theo Adler

Caolán Caddell

(second camera)

Full version created on Millumin (2017).

Early prototypes of possible installations...

The cube model was selected for its simplicity, positioning the user as a spectator. The blocks refer to the urban setting it was then adapted for exhibition at university.

Chosen installation sketch and tests of the installation

Song lyrics and Theo's description of the song

“Never thought I’d be here in

All these places that you put me in

I’m a bit late but I’m hurriying

So you can really love my way

And she can really look away 

And I know that you’ve been here

And heard all about it 

And I know that I’ve been there too

So its true
I’ve always been waiting for


And here we go again 

From foreign lands they send

Litttle tune to keep me occupied 

So lets start again...


And I know I can’t turn back 

I know I gotta catch it 

I know I gotta catch it so I can’t slow down my dear

So lets start again


Race to the scene

Chasing city light oh she takes me away

And she goes to my head

Lost in this world of words and feelings”

Breaking down the projection timeline