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Our current day to day is undeniably stressful. During these times, it becomes easy to find sources of worries, our attention and energy become constantly solicited. Gaming is an escape from this reality for many; a moment, a place to feel a different set of emotions. But what happens when your game replicates that stress? What happens when you are not looking for the highest level of gaming expertise, competition or violent victory?


The Chill Series is the place to be when it comes to relaxed gaming! In this episode we will be exploring Don’t Starve Together, a multiplayer horror survival game. Come join this Twitch series hosted by gamer isachal to learn more about zen gameplay! There will be pre-game rituals such as tea and face masks, music recommendations, breathing exercises …. and many more! The series is a great space to unwind during your day and learn new tips on how to achieve your chillest gaming state.

Layout final (not a video)

One of the layout prototypes

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