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Campaign, Visual Communication

A response to a Goldsmiths BA Design brief, The Environment Keeps Happening to Me, focused on location-specific design intervention. The area addressed was Hertford Union Canal in Stratford, London.

The intervention aimed to benefit the most conspicuous inhabitants of the canal; the ducks! We decided to create a campaign to promote a healthier approach to duck feeding. We discovered that giving the birds too much stale bread, crisps or other carbohydrate rich products was detrimental to their health. An unnaturally high dough diet meant the ducks were more likely to suffer from malnutrition and overcrowding due to the easy food source. Also leftover bread can often cause the spread of pests and disease.



Kristina Iankova

Gemma CD

Kate Mason

Declan Pitts

We named our campaign NO DOUGH ZONE and created advertising and informational elements as well as alternative duck biscuits for the visitors of the canal. The campaign took place on the bank of the canal for 3 days in March 2017.

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