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Process Book

Welcome to the unseen!

This page is for the rough and the messy bits; it shares the design process.


You will find sketches, research bits, prototypes and a few flops ... that often lead to better projects!



A map showing the life cycle of electronic products. To better understand the system and its components, the actors and to visualise the areas with room for improvement.

The REWARE project really started taking form after my attempt to disassemble different products such as old laptops and iPhones which I photographed. The difficulty I encountered when taking these object appart made me question our need for a repair economy.

My experience at Brockley Tech repair store, opened by eyes to the impact of fixing and was a main inspiration for the creation of repair workshops.

Under the wing of Quadeer Abdul, I learnt how to fix broken iPhone screens and made business cards for him in return.

I also attended Restart Parties which inspired the format and aim of the workshops; to attempt to fix broken products.

When trying to create a product that would embody reusability and repairability, my first approach was to create a functional case, made of biodegradable PLA that would be easy to open to facilitate repair and recycling.

However I realised this didn't allow for a radically different understanding of the products. I wanted the product to embody transparency in its composition.

The making of the Speakerboard. Find the full process here.

One track

One Track Experience

Early prototypes of possible installations...

The cube model was selected for its simplicity, positioning the user as a spectator. The blocks refer to the urban setting it was then adapted for exhibition at university.

Chosen installation sketch and tests of the installation...


“Never thought I’d be here in

All these places that you put me in

I’m a bit late but I’m hurriying

So you can really love my way

And she can really look away 

And I know that you’ve been here

And heard all about it 

And I know that I’ve been there too

So its true
I’ve always been waiting for


And here we go again 

From foreign lands they send

Litttle tune to keep me occupied 

So lets start again...


And I know I can’t turn back 

I know I gotta catch it 

I know I gotta catch it so I can’t slow down my dear

So lets start again


Race to the scene

Chasing city light oh she takes me away

And she goes to my head

Lost in this world of words and feelings”

More about Theo Adler and how he described his song Breakaway...

Breaking down the projection timeline...

Porsche Geneva

Prints for Porsche Geneva

The first version of the print: the final colours were not yet selected and some shadows were missing...

A few closeups of details...

Vitra process

Vitra Textile Booklet


The evolution of the grid...

Booklet cover options that were not selected....

Fabric selection process and final cover references for production...

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