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Sampler II


Project led by Elise Co 
Miaoqiong Huang, Martin Bernard, Nanyi Jiang, Christie Wu, Jensen Gu, Mavis Cao, Fuyao Liu, An Pan, Qi Tan


Sampler II is a research project led by Elise CO that proposes different experiences for materiality in the digital space. 

An essential component of the research was to investigate some of the unique characteristics of digital materials such as their duplicity and their correlation to attention.


We presented four experiences to communicate and experience our interpretations of digital materials: a material catalog, a set of dioramas, an AR gallery as well as 'sense swatches' and body filters.


"The line between object (or content) and material is sometimes just a matter of quantity. In a world of digital copy-and-paste and algorithmic generation, anything and everything is material." - Elise Co

As a contributor to the project, I participated in research and the making of digital materials. I also helped develop the UI and copy of the Material Loop experience in a smaller team of five.

Research on material properties and their presentation in digital and physical spaces

A series of 2D and 3D experiments during the project. The flat 2D materials are made using a coded repeat and were displayed in the material gallery.

The purpose of the Material Loop was to act as a directory for the 2D materials that were created.

We wanted the Loop to indicate different levels of complexity and editing that digital materials could possess by creating categories for materials that blended different content. The loop layout was chosen to indicate the infinite possibility for new materials to be added (a feature in development).

The platform also uses a responsive tiled background that enlarges pictures based on the mouse's position to respond to attention.

Diagram of the different experiences

Prototypes of layout and infinite strip design for the material loop

Running prototype of the material loop (linked here)

Find the presentation on Sampler 2 with links to the other experiences here.

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