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Animation, 3D Modelling, Critical Design

Brief : What is (or could be) a superpower? Imagine the "hero" who detains this power, prototype and demonstrate this power in use.

I decided to look at recycling as a superpower because of the opacity that surrounds it. Even with my previous research on recycling, I still struggle to identify if certain materials are recyclable.These items complicate recycling by using proprietary screws for example.


I was interested in imagining tools that would challenge the idea of locked objects and privatised processes. For me it was also important to imagine the hero as someone who played an important role among the machines.

Initial idea: the supertools

I then decided to focus on the novelty of the recycling process with a particular interest in the new material opportunities it could offer. I was considering a transformation into new alloys such as  metals and plastics blend or the creation of extra dense materials that could be reused based on their new density properties taking inspiration from phenomena such as nuclear fission. The idea was to bring these storyboarded animations into Unity to simulate the discarded object's change in form.

Pre-slicing objects in Rhino 3D of a mundane object model  and an abstract from

In the final video, I decided t​o put the focus back on the hero and their use of the tools instead of taking the solely machine based projects. I thought it would be important to highlight the role of the individual in the recycling process. The breaking down of the TV is made to be spectacular and shows off the unseen bolts and screws followed by a more abstract squashed object being separated into different layers based on the (digital texture) material  of its components.

Final Video demonstrating the proprietary super recycling


If I were to revisit this project I would make the final link between the characters gestures, defined the purpose of the tools and assimilating it to the simulations.

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