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Film, Critical Design


Qi Tan

In an attempt to answer some of these questions the brief of this project was to produce a 1-3 minute video vignette and a project statement that would capture our image of the future working world.

We responded to the brief by considering how corporate and personal space would continue to be blurred after the pandemic as working from home will continue to be popularised. We proposed the idea of accumulating corporate merchandise gradually loosing its sense of functionality to instead play an architectural role in propagating the corporate space physically and mentally. Swirling 3D text notifications aim to show a similar phenomenon occurring in our soundscape.


At the end of the video, the apartment is deemed "Well-rendered" as it has officially become a prime place to work, a huge corporate study that can be rented out and will no longer fit as a personal space, even though you could choose to live in it if you wished to thrive in your corporate environment.

Previous Experiments

During our phase of experimentation, we looked at different objects that could bring corporate employees together as part of a culture building experience of the company. We explored the possibility of having a "corporate high-five" at the start of the day with an inflatable or a hand pad,  or  people visiting each other with their 3D digital usernames which would increase in activity during coffee breaks or be  used to celebrate different employee achievements. Another prototype that was later  discarded was a string network in the desk area that could track your physical activity and for examole, glow brighter when more people with increased digital activity.

We didn't pursue these experiments because we decided to focus instead one the impact of bringing these objects into the home. We instead abstracted the form of the objects and moved away from functionality.

Storyboard for the video


After receiving our critique of the project, I would reconsider  the appearance of the random objects (orange dog and the tunnel) because they were confusing as objects in the story, somehow the abstracted shadows and text swarm were more effective in demonstrating the corporate invasion I would also have refined the movements of the text books and pens in the study office.

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