Branding, Design for streaming/gaming - Student work at ArtCenter is a service which offers a new approach to playing stressful video games. By adopting mechanisms used in meditation apps, helps players enjoy and recreate a relaxed streaming experience offered by guide @isachal. In the stream, which takes place on Twitch, @isachal guides the steamers as calmly as possible through a section of the horror survival game Amnesia: Rebirth. Different Twitch chat commands producing sound, image and brightness changes are introduced to the viewers as a means to counteract the stress created by the sound-scape, visuals and confusion induced by the game. 


Using spa-like music, breathing techniques and various pop up images, the project examines the impact of inducing stress in games and how they often mirror the tension created by our packed working lifestyles. A competitive and stress inducing approach can often create a barrier to entry for new gamers and removes the possibility to escape everyday life.


In the draft livestream, I was exploring vlogging style streaming with horror survival game Don't Starve Together. The streaming experience was pretty rudimentary in its design but it helped me develop my concept of trying to create a relaxing experience for a stressful game.

I found that the contrast with the game genre created an interesting tension in the video but that this would be further enhanced by using a more traditional horror game.

Logo Evolution​

Other Artifacts

Triggered by the !itsok comment the baby bunny is meant to reassure the player in a moment of fear like a jump scare or a shocking image.

The !breathe command triggers this gif to encourage the player to take a deep breath when they are scared.

The !light  command triggers a change in background. It's brightness is meant to be reassuring when the game scene becomes very dark

Responses from the Twitch chatbot to chat commands during the final stream

Final livestream